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Unified block and file services for VM-aware storage


FlashArray is a storage service enabling organisations to access native block and file services from a single, global pool of storage resources.

Designed from the ground up to be unified, the new solution delivers the flexibility and efficiency long promised by unified block and file storage arrays with new global storage pools, unified policy management, and the industry’s first VM-aware storage management capabilities.

Legacy multi-protocol block and file storage solutions have been around for decades. However, these products failed to deliver the flexibility and efficiency that unified arrays promised. Initially built for either a block or file use case, new protocols were simply bolted-on, significantly increasing management complexity with scale.

Pure Storage delivers the first unified block and file platform built from the ground up with unified as its goal. A flexible global pool of resources eliminates the need for pre-planning growth, and a unified policy management system dramatically cuts administration time. Pure’s unified storage architecture enables customers to benefit from native block and file services where file, block, and VMs are supported directly. Leveraging this type of platform provides up to an estimated 62 per cent reduction in management time and up to 58 per cent total cost of ownership improvement over three years, according to leading analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group. 

Global storage pools: Before, administrators needed to pre-plan every update and request. Now, they can simply use what they need, across block and file, with non-disruptive expansion on the fly and unlimited file system sizes. 

Unified policy management: the new solution eliminates the multi-layered management required by legacy platforms, giving administrators precise management of the specific storage service they want to deploy and control. By unifying policy management, all operations can be learned quickly and applied to everything, both block and file.

VM-Aware Capabilities: VM-aware storage is the industry’s first way to give deeper visibility at the granularity of the virtual machine. The granular visibility and management Pure now brings to file is also available to VMs. Administrators can natively manage VMs on FlashArray, including VM-level statistics, snapshots, quotas, and policies. 

Broad support for common use cases:  The new solution supports all common use cases, including VMware and NFS data stores, user directories and profiles, content repositories, data protection, and backup. 

“With data growing at a rapid pace, we recognised the importance of modernising and unifying our storage infrastructure to make better use of our IT resources,” Francesco Corba, IT infrastructure manager Ospedale Pederzoli, said. “FlashArray File Services has enabled us to reduce complexity by eliminating data silos and waste, without compromising overall performance or efficiency. In fact, we’ve been able to reduce the number of units in our data centre by more than 75 per cent with Pure. Ultimately, we’ve been empowered to remove technology barriers and spend more time on new innovations while achieving significant cost savings and new levels of investment protection.”  

CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT
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CTS The industrialisation of IT
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