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Web3 opportunities for industry and commerce


Web3 is the latest new tech development to grab headlines and attract investment from major brands and industries.

Web3 is an industry worth over $11 billion and as its impact spreads it will only continue to grow. Last year major brands and industry leaders such as Google, Starbucks, Nike and Coca Cola moved heavily into the Web3 and NFT market.

Web3 allows companies to elevate their marketing and loyalty programs through new-age interactive engagement with their audiences. Marketing is no longer aimed at just selling products but creating immersive experiences which build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Corporations are able to penetrate this lucrative market whilst making it accessible to their Web3 curious customers through dedicated teams, budgets and advisors. 

“Not all companies have the time, resources and knowledge to understand and implement this new and emerging technology,” said Sara Simeone, CEO of Niftyz. “Although big name brands such as Gucci have figured out their niche in this market, most businesses will not know how to navigate this space and how to extract value from NFTs and Web3 industry.

“As the internet progresses and reaches new heights, it is important for companies who want to leverage new revenue streams, to understand this technology and how to utilise it for the future success of their businesses. Many Open Innovation leads have begun to be put under stress to incorporate the Web3 space with their service offerings despite not understanding the industry.”

Niftyz, a no-code minting platform for businesses, is backed by industry titan Animoca Brands and seeks to open doors towards Web3 for companies who do not have the privilege of previous knowledge and experience in this space, which is why they have developed the Web3 Open Innovation Champion program.

It is a fully funded practical program for brands to future proof their products, service offerings and growth. The remote program is led by industry veterans who will guide you through essential knowledge and processes associated with NFTs. They will present a range of use-cases, NFT accreditation, and guide you through a demo day in which you will present your NFT creation (either for your brand or a company of your choice).

PWC’s latest ‘Crypto Unicorns’ report stated, ‘You don’t have to be a crypto expert, but someone in your company should be and you and other key decision makers should understand the basics and keep an eye on the underlying technologies and economic forces.’

Web3 can be a daunting place to navigate. New tech solutions are created and launched on a daily basis but as the report claims, if you wait until the dust settles, you may be left behind. Consider low-risk, low-cost investments (such as NFTs) to help build institutional familiarity.

“We want to power businesses and their workforce to independently navigate this constant wave of innovation,” Simeone added. “Our hands-on program supports companies who believe that NFTs and Web3 can improve and in some cases, revolutionise their product, service offerings and internal processes and future-proofing the growth of their business units.”

CTS The industrialisation of IT
CTS - Industrialisation of IT
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CTS The industrialisation of IT
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